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It's Penny here, with all the right responses to your microwave turkey queries

Penny’s Microwave Turkey is a mouth-watering, succulent turkey recipe cooked using a fool-proof microwave technique that has been perfected over 30 years. Penny has been feeding her family and friends while blowing minds and gaining notoriety across Chicagoland for her innovative cooking style. 

YES! This is for real, and you are going to love it! This is sure to be the most incredibly juicy and tastiest turkey you’ve ever had! Penny’s secret versus traditional cooking techniques is that there is no hot air in a microwave to dry out the meat, guaranteeing you a moist and delicious bird every time. Even the leftovers will reheat to be as juicy as first cooked. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and we hope you’ll return to tell us how much you love Penny’s Microwave Turkey!

YES! Because you are cooking it for a few hours and using Penny’s delicious butter and soy sauce mixture to baste, you will achieve a perfectly golden exterior every time.  Seriously.  Mind-blowing, we know.

Great question! You’ll be surprised to know that most standard size microwave ovens will easily accommodate a 20 pound turkey.  That’s a lotta bird! Go on, give it a try!

Any microwave-safe baking dish or tray will work. Be sure it has raised sides so those delicious turkey juices are contained and don’t make a mess of your microwave.  You can remove and turn off the turntable setting for easier manuverability.

Don’t forget! Never put aluminum or metal in the microwave!

Microwaving a turkey is perfect for anyone looking for a simpler and more delicious turkey experience than ever before.  That said, we’d really love to see the young adults who don’t cook often get in on this new craze and perhaps shock their more traditional family members with this mind-blowing and life-changing technique. (Yeah, we saw those viral videos too.) Share your success stories with us!

Heck yea it is! Microwaving your turkey can save you up to 50% of the time required to cook via standard conventional oven roasting! But what’s even more impressive is that it tastes so much better.  Your friends and family will be in awe of your sudden cooking prowess and will surely name you the winner of Thanksgiving!  

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